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EV Technical Papers

These are reprints of published articles on electric vehicle topics. They are available individually or in collections. The collections contain several articles on related themes in a protective cover.

Or you can make up your own collection. Order at least three topics, and save 25%.

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General EV Info Collection (5 Topics, 22 pgs.)

Why Convert? (3 pgs.)
You have a gas-powered car. You can keep it, trade it in on a new gas car, replace it with a new electric car, or keep it and convert it to electric power. What are the reasons for choosing to convert it?
Building An EV Conversion (4 pgs.)
What kind of kits are available? Can you do the work yourself? What does it involve?
EV Myths (5 pgs.)
A lot of "facts" commonly quoted about EVs simply are not true. What are some of these myths, and what are the surprising realities?
Driving An EV (7 pgs.)
How is driving an EV different from driving a gas car? What techniques are important to know?
Insuring An EV Conversion (3 pgs.)
What do you have to do to get insurance on an EV?

Motor & Adaptor Collection (2 Topics, 7 pgs.)

Adaptor Design (3 pgs.)
What are the parts of a motor/transmission adaptor? How are they designed and fabricated?
Motor Mounts (4 pgs.)
Some vehicles mount their motors front-to-rear, while others mount them transversely. How do you design and fabricate a mount for your electric motor for either kind of vehicle? What are the critical factors for installing the motor properly and securely?

EV Mechanic's Resources Collection (5 Topics, 18 pgs.)

Tools (3 pgs.)
What kind of tools do you need to do an electric vehicle conversion?
Human Resources (4 pgs.)
Who are the experts who can help and advise you on your EV project? How do you find someone to do the parts you can't do yourself?
Make It Easy (6 pgs.)
What are some tricks that will make your conversion easier to build, easier to maintain, and easier to use?
Reviving EV Orphans (3 pgs.)
You just bought a used EV. How can you locate the info you need to restore it to full function?
Troubleshooting (5 pgs.)
When your EV doesn't work, how do you identify the problem?

Batteries Collection (4 Topics, 33 pgs.)

Lead Acid Batteries (9 pgs.)
What different types of lead acid batteries are there? What are their advantages and disadvantages for use in a conversion?
Exotic Batteries (4 pgs.)
What different types of batteries are there, other than lead acid? What are their advantages and disadvantages for use in a conversion?
Fuel Cells (7 pgs.)
What's the story on hydrogen fuel cells? Can you use them in your conversion?
Battery Racks and Boxes (13 pgs.)
How do you design and fabricate secure battery containers for your conversion?

Wiring Collection (2 Topics, 8 pgs.)

Interfacing With The 12 Volt System (4 pgs.)
How do you interface the 12 volt portion of the conversion with the car's existing electrical system?
Battery Connections & Layout (4 pgs.)
How do you lay out the battery pack for an optimum circuit, and make the connections between the batteries?

Miscellaneous EV Topics (sold individually)

Suspension Modifications (3 pgs.)
The finished EV conversion will weigh more than it did as a gas car. How do you modify the suspension to accommodate the added weight?
Tires (4 pgs.)
What are the best tires for an EV conversion?
Gauges (11 pgs.)
What kind of instrumentation do you need in an EV conversion, and how do you install it?
Solar Charging (1 pg.)
Can you charge your EV from solar panels? What would it take to make it work?

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