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FiberFab Aztec kit car electric car conversion

Body:Fiberfab Aztec on VW Chassis
Year:1965 Body/1971 Chassis
Motor:Advanced D.C. Medium (8")
Controller:Curtis/PMC 1221
Batteries:U.S. Battery Model #2300 (6V)
Pack Voltage:96V
Top Speed:85+ mph
Range:100 miles
Home Base:Felton, CA (Santa Cruz Mountains)
Comments:This was the first conversion Electro Automotive built in 1979. Over the years, it has been our display and testbed car, so it has gone through many changes. The configuration described here was the best performing setup.

The body for this car is very rare. It was the first kit body offered by Fiberfab. The next generation Aztec, which is an angular design, is the more commonly seen version.

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