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Wire Stripper/Crimper

It is critical to get good connections on your wires. This means using good quality connectors and crimping tools. Wire size, or gauge, is indicated by an even number. Larger numbers mean smaller wires. Crimp-on connectors are color-coded for the gauge of wires on which they are to be used.

This tool will cut, strip and crimp wires from #22 gauge up to #10 gauge. Most of the wires you will use in a conversion will be #16 or #10, although some items such as dash instruments may have smaller gauge wires, but nothing should be smaller than #22.

Wire crimper

Cable Crimper

It is important to get a good connection between the lug and cable. Soldering is not the answer. A home workshop, and even many professional shops, will not have the equipment to do this properly. Without the right equipment, you cannot get the copper all evenly heated to an adequate degree, and you will end up with a "cold joint". In addition, the solder will not coat the cable fibers evenly. However, it will "wick" up a couple of inches into the insulation, making the cable stiff and brittle at a critical connecting point. Any of these problems can cause resistance, heat, and possible damaged connections and batteries.

Squeeze-type crimpers can make solid connections. However, they are expensive, large, unwieldy, and require a lot of strength to use.

This tool holds the lug in place in a cradle, and hold a punch in a sleeve above. Several solid blows from a hammer on the punch will make a secure connection that will last for years. If you were to cut a crimped lug in half, you would see that the copper fibers of the cable have been compressed into a solid block of copper, filling the lug barrel.

Cable crimper

Cable Shears

Copper 2/0 cable is difficult to cut. These snips don't look very impressive, but they will cut through cable like it was butter. Much more effective than hacksaw, bolt cutters, etc. Warning: cutting anything other than copper cable with them will immediately ruin the edge. This is a dedicated tool.

Cable shears

Digital Multimeter

This tool is absolutely essential when doing a conversion. You must be able to verify that your wires are connected to the proper places, and getting the correct readings. It is also the first tool you will reach for to diagnose a problem. Compact enough to live in the glove box.

Digital volt-ohm multimeter

Battery Filler

Batteries in an EV can sometimes be awkward to reach with a bulky watering device. This 6 oz. bulb is handy enough to reach those places.

Temperature Correcting Hydrometer

A hydrometer is a valuable diagnostic tool if you suspect you have a weak battery. However, for a truly accurate reading, you need to adjust the specific gravity according to the temperature of the electrolyte. This hydrometer has a fast-reading thermometer inside it. When you read the specific gravity, you can at the same time read the necessary adjustment to compensate for electrolyte temperature.

Temperature correcting hydrometer

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