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AC Motors: HiPer Drive

The Seymour family has been building AC motors for nearly 50 years. They progressed from appliance motors to golf carts motors, and then expanded up into high performance AC motor for passenger cars. The business is now known as High Performance Electric Vehicle Systems (HPEVS), and we refer to their system as the HiPer Drive. Their systems are different from conventional AC vehicle drive systems in that they do not require high voltage. This saves the cost of extra batteries, the space needed to fit extra batteries, and the weight of extra batteries. The lighter vehicle means more peppy performance.

HiPer Drive motors feature:
  • High efficiency brushless design
  • Regenerative braking
  • Compact lightweight construction
  • Low rotating losses
  • Low electrical resistance
  • High reliability
  • 1 1/8" keyed shaft
HiPer Drive AC motor

These are integrated drive systems, with the motor, controller, and charger all custom configured at the manufacturer to fit YOUR conversion. For this reason, we need very specific information about your system to place your order:

If you are using unusual batteries, we will ask for some specific technical specs.

Motor Ratings

It is not accurate to refer to a "10 hp motor" or a "15 hp motor", because horsepower will vary with volts and amps, and the peak horsepower will be much higher than the continuous rating. It is also confusing to compare electric motors to gas engines, since electric motors are given a continuous rating under load, and gas engines are rated at their peak horsepower with no parasitic loads, such as water pumps or alternators. For accurate identification, a motor should be identified by name or model number.

The HiPer Drive AC50 motor is suitable for vehicles in the 2,000 - 2,500 lbs. factory curb weight range (not gross vehicle weight).


Length 18.16"
Diameter 8.98"
Weight 115 lbs.
Battery Pack
96V - 108V
Torque: Peak
(ft. lbs.)
90 @ 3,000 RPM
RPM: Max. 6,500
HP: Peak 52 @ 96V
60 @ 108V

Returns accepted for warranty issues ONLY, for replacement. No cash refunds.
For ordering and warranty information, see the Order Info page.

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